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Fight for the Faith and Freedom: George Jeffreys by Noel Brooks

Part of the Noel Brooks Collection is a copy of this book by Noel Brooks about the reformer and founder of the Elim Movement in England, George Jeffreys. Brooks was a member of the Elim movement, the Bible-Pattern Church Alliance before joining the Pentecostal Holiness Church in the mid-1950's. Rev. Brooks was one time campaign manager and the official biographer of Jeffreys. (Synan, V. Old-Time Power. 1998, pg. 248, 251). The collection is still being processed and indexed but has numerous article Brooks had writtern for early periodicals of the Elim and Bible-Pattern movements. Access to parts of it will be by appointment only. Brooks, Noel. Fight for Faith and Freedom, George Jeffreys, Revivalist and Reformer (Pattern Books, England: n.d. (ca. 1940). According th WorldCat/FirstSearch, the following libraries have this book: Fuller Theological Seminary (US) Asbury Theological Seminary (US) Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (US) University of Oxford (UK) University of Leicester (U…