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New Book Chronicles History of Women Ministers in IPHC

Dr. Jeraldine Posey has authored a new book showcasing the women who served as ministers, leaders, and other works in the IPHC from 1901 to 2011. The book, Let My Handmaid Speak, is published by WestBow Press (2011). Dr. Posey has been involved in ministry for sixty years, having served as a missionary, evangelist, lecturer, counselor, teacher, and pastor. She was the first woman ordained in her Virginia conference. She holds a bachelor of theology degree, a bachelor of science, and a master of arts degree in English, and a doctor of ministry degree.
The book, Let My Handmaid Speak, that title alone should capture the attention of all. It is about Lady preachers. Dr. Jeri Posey from Hopewell, VA, presents a new look at the lady ministers who have preached with great success in the Pentecostal Holiness Church in spite of many difficulties.The debate over women preachers has raged for centuries, but the argument has not been–and probably will not be–resolved. This book is not an add…


1995- The" leadership of the denomination at a Solemn Assembly in 1996 acknowledged that the church had withheld from women places of honor and desired to release them to serve in leadership roles."  This assembly publicly repented of racism, sexism, and elder brother syndrome as well as sexism, i.e., "Sin of Male Domination."  (Located and date of Assembly, Fayetteville, NC, Aug.23-24, 1996).
The "Affirmation" read in part:  "Gender differences are never to become a platform for discrimination and division, but rather are attributes to enhance and complete Christ's body.  We recognize the sin of male domination and acknowledge that we have withheld from women places of honor in the church.  We have not affirmed the ministries of qualified women by releasing them to serve in places of leadership......Create in us a new sensitivity to the God-given gifts of the women of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church that there might be unity and gre…

Women in MInistry - Ongoing Bibliography

The following list of resources presents works dealing with women in positions of leadership, pastoral ministry, and similar religious roles and explores them from Biblical, historical, and cultural viewpoints.
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