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Brooks, Noel. Scriptural Holiness. Advocate Press, 1967. 70p. Rooted in the Holiness Movement, the IPHC treasured the teachings of Biblical and cultural holiness as it grew in the post Azusa Street years. Pentecostalism was a global event being experienced in Europe, South America, and Australia from an early day. So in 1954 when Noel Brooks (1914-2007), pastor, scholar, biographer and campaign manager of the early revivalist George Jeffreys, joined the IPHC, an author of academic depth and spirituality enriched the denomination. The book emerged from lectures in the King Memorial Lecture series at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.

The contents of the lectures addressed: Holiness in the Progress of Revelations -1(Old Testament), Holiness in the Progress of Revelation – II (New Testament), Holiness in the Order of Salvation – I (Sanctification as Process), and Holiness in the Order of Salvation - II (Sanctification as Crisis). Brooks notes in his travel he had seen a great …

Download Open Bible "Heritage and Horizons"

"R. Bryant Mitchell, one of the founders of Open Bible Churches, documents the history of the Open Bible movement from its beginnings in 1935 to the Golden Anniversary of 1982. More than a history, Heritage & Horizons records the dynamics which are so much a part of Kingdom work – calling, obedience, joy, discouragement, miracles, sacrifice, laughter, tears, achievement…. Heritage & Horizons is a book about people responding to God, to needs … to the Holy Spirit. "   
The work is currently out of print but it can be downloaded as a .pdf file:
Other works are available as well in print copies: Heritage and Harvest  and the biographical history of the OB Heart for the Harvest.    A quick history is here.

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Before Stone's Folly: Early Incidences of Pentecost

On January 1,1901 in a Kansas mansion (called Stone's Folly by locals) turned into a Bible school, a young woman in prayer experienced the baptism of the Holy spirit, accompanied by speaking in tongues.   This, for many, marked the birth of the modern Pentecostal movement and the 'century of Pentecost.'    There are records of events prior to that date in which the experience of the Pentecostal blessing were reported.

1896 - Farmers in the area of Grafton, North Dakota, gathered for three days of prayer and revival under the direction of an itinerant lay preacher, C.M. Hanson.  One of those in prayer began to speak with other tongues and after investigating the scriptures those present agreed, "This must be that which was spoken by the prophet Joel." --Carlson, G. Raymond.  "When Pentecost Came to the Upper Midwest." A/G Heritage, Spring 1984, pg. 3

Carl Brumback in his Suddenly...from Heaven: A History of the Assemblies of God ( Gospel Publishing House, 1…


Lights and Shadows of the Life in Canaan by Mrs. Mary Mabbette Anderson.

The forward to this work was written by the Rev. Edward D. Reeves, pastor of the The First Pentecostal Holiness Church, No. 8, Robert Street, Toronto, Canada.  It read: "Seeing the great need for light on the doctrine of sanctification of heart, this pamphlet is being sent forth trusting that it may be made a blessing to all who are seeking a closer walk with God.  We realize however, there is no reference made to the recent outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain, and that the writing is lacking the added illumination on the baptism of the Holy Ghost as revealed in this great visitation, on account of antedating this event, yet we believe it to contain much valuable truth on the vital subject of holiness which shall bring rich blessings to all of God's children, especially those just entering their spiritual Canaan.   May He who said:"Cast they bread upon the waters" bless its going f…


Little has been found so far on this individual other than he was possible from Alberta, Canada, was associated with the Assemblies of God and may have pastored in Great Falls, Montana in 1916 (A/G Heritage, Spring 1984, pg. 5). 
The undated 16 page pamphlet was printed by The Tribune Printing Company, Great Falls, Montana.  The title of the work is Is The Baptism with the Holy Spirit Scriptural?  Sub-headings through the work include: Old Testament Prophecy, New Testament Fulfillment; Pentecost; Appointed Time; Preparation; For All Believers; Prophecy; Prophecy Fulfilled; What Profit are Tongues? ; The Qualification.

The U.S. Federal Census for Great Falls lists in 1920 and 1930 a Joseph (born about 1869 in Ohio) and wife Rosina Lantz with children Jessee, Reuben and Ida.

IPHC Mission Outreach

This small 30 page book was published in ca 1970 by the Department of Foreign Missions (later renamed the Department of World Missions), in the Pentecostal Holiness Church (now the IPHC), the editor was J. Floyd Williams.  Williams would go on to become a presiding Bishop of the denomination. The collection, complete with tips for teaching, was written by  Marguerite Howard.
It was a collection of story based lessons for the primary and junior department focusing on youth from India.  
Stories for children of foreign mission work, lives of missionaries, and lessons exploring other lands were highly popular in the 1960's and 1970's in many educational programs across evangelical and Pentecostal groups.

'The Magazine That Wants A Million Bible Reader'

In May 1910 this issue of "Daily Bread" was published ( X:5) by the evangelical World's Morning Watch, a group with association with the Y.M.C.A.  It was published monthly ten times . It has 26 pgs (number sequentially through the volume).  Ads include one for the " Underwood Standard Typewriter."    Another full page ad offered "The Sunday School Teacher's Library That Costs A Dollar".   The resources, usually about 40 pages,  included "Sunday School Advance" addressing method and equipment and prepared by Franklin D. Elmer; James H. Hodges', "Securing and Holding Attention";  "Manual Methods of Sunday School Methods", by Richard Morse Hodge; "Picture -Work" by Walter L. Hervey because "literature  is full of pictures and the Bible is a treasure house of masterpieces.  This little book deals with these story pictures and the art of presenting them to the juvenile mind" ; W. Walter Smith's …


Small book, 26 pages, no date, but the Falcon Publishing Co., Falcon, NC was thought to be  in operation in that location before 1919.  The price was five cents.  G.F. Taylor was a  member and leader in the early days of the  Pentecostal Holiness Church  (now the IPHC).

Pentecostal Pulpit :(1:4) First Quarter 1949

Editor for this issue was G.H. Montgomery
This small journal was subtitled "By Pentecostal Preachers for Pentecostal Preachers".  The table of contents lists some interesting classifications: "Didactics" which in this issue included articles on the Minister as teacher ( Paul F. Beacham), the Use of Christian Literature as an Aid to the Minister's Work (W.H. Turner), Strength of the trained warrior (Harold Paul), a Lyric of lovingkindness ( Stanley H. Frodsham). "Pastoral Theology" was The Pastor in the Preliminaries (Dan T. Muse).  'Evangelism' contained articles A Passion for Souls (George Byus); The Place of Prayer in Pentecostal Evangelism ( Hubert T. Spence); Pentecostal and World Missions (A. Noseworthy).  "Ethics" included a tongue in cheek work Good Habits for Ministers (R.O. Corvin); The Breastplate of Righteousness (George Byus).  Under "Homiletics" Good Pulpit Conduct (J. Vinson Ellenberg).

Missionary Author - William Henry Turner (1895-1971)

In the preface to the small book The Finished Work of Calvary or the Second Blessing - Which? by missionary, evangelist, and pastor, W.H. Turner  is a short biography.  Elsewhere he is identified as an "author, publisher, and distributor of quarter million books and tracts in Chinese."
"Reverend William Henry Turner was born in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina fifty-two years ago."   Editorial note: this would have been about 1895 as the work was published in 1947.
It continues: "Was born of the Spirit at the age of six, fell away but was restored, brought into Pentecost and called to preach in 1910 when fifteen years of age.
Having been denied early educational advantages and realizing the necessity for preparation for so great a calling he entered Altamont, now Holmes Bible College, in 1912, Falcon 1916, Emory University in 1918, Oskaloosa College, University of California and finally the University of Georgia.
Rev. Turner is the author of twenty-three books…


The author of Incidents in the life of J.W. Buckalew was a  Church of God Evangelist. He was born John W. Buckalew in Trion, GA, on 23 July 1870 and he died  24 Jan 1918, 47 yrs old.  He was the son of an ordained deacon in the missionary Baptist church in Trion who strayed from that fold into gambling, drink, running from the local law, and other diversions before finally being saved.    
He  was married to Mattie Hines (1868-1941) on 11 Aug 1889 and had a son Jessie (1890- 1890); son Collie Belton Buckalew (1891- ) and a daughter named Grace (Truman Chandler, 1893-1955).
He lived in many locations across Alabama and before 1909 was receiving training at the Pentecostal Tabernacle in Nashville, TN.

Church of God Evangel; 14 July 1975, article "Rough and Ready" by Douglas LeRoy: "Most people concede that...J. W. Buckalew...was the most colorful figure in the history of the Church of God..., affectionately called "Rough and Ready" because of his brusque manner and…

Early Work on Entire Sanctification

A Religious Controversy by Charles E. Orr (Guthrie, OK: Faith Publishing House, ca. 1911).  
Structured as a series of conversations (with speaking parts suitable for a reader's theater) discussing various challenges and views of Christian life and practice.  Its theological view appears to be in the "entire sanctification" arena and the holiness movement.
The copy shown here has a stamp on the back indicating it had been owned by the "Radio Program" of Capitol Hill Church of God, "Station KLPR 1140 on your dial" in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
A website has a digital version broken into conversations available for download.  For more on the history of this Oklahoma congregation see Mystorical.


The Queen’s Message to the World’s Evangelical Alliance Exhibition, Westminster, 1951

I am most happy to send my good wishes for the success of the Exhibition which the World’s Evangelical Alliance has arranged for this Festival Year, together with my congratulations on maintaining the vision and enterprise which have been a characteristic of the Alliance for more than 100 yeaRs, and which find a worthy expression today.

That cherished inheritance which wE call the British way of life has its source and inspiration in the great ideals of Christianity.It is fitting, indeed, that we should take this opportunity of showing how the life of our Nation has long been influenced by our faith, and moudled by the Bible.

I can truly say that the King and I long to see the Bible back, where it ought to be, as a guide and comfort in the homes and lives of our people. From our own experience, we know what the Bible can mean for personal life.

I hope this Exhibition will help our Nation to be Christian …

New Book Soon Available

Noel Brooks: A Life Shining and Burning, 1914-2006 by Marilyn A. Hudson will be available in a matter of weeks. The work includes biographical information, explores some of his work, and analyzes his role and legacy in Pentecostalism . Read some quotes of this remarkable man here.    A CreateSpace publication of a Whorl Books title.

The Reverend Noel Brooks (1914-2006) was an English clergy, educator, and author who ministered in the Wesleyan Methodist, the Elim Pentecostal Church, The Bible Pattern Fellowship (and wrote a biography of the leader and well known revivalist, George Jeffreys) and in the Pentecostal Holiness Church in both Great Britain and North America. 

Using letters, personal papers, unpublished manuscripts, interviews, examinations of numerous resources and analysis of the published writings of Brooks, the author presents an introduction to his life, work and the influences, which shaped his theology. This simple work seeks to examine some of the influences and exp…

Notable for Their Absence. Marilyn A. Hudson, 'Those Pesky Verses of Paul'

It does not take long for someone engaged in research to quickly note that in the scores of volumes written to comment, illustrate, explain, or defend Christian thought, there is a an absence.  Through the pages of many of these noble tomes women are often totally missing.  Sections of scripture focusing on a woman are often not explored, frequently ignored, and cultural biases are interjected into translations and exegesis. It becomes clear that the same issues, biases, and presuppositions already explored continue into the way the Church has often interpreted and applied scriptures.  Seeking to note the types of commentary on Biblical women such as Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, Anna, and the unnamed women of 1 Corinthians 11, would be informative as to how influences on popular doctrine and theology.  What was found revealed that these commentaries often exhibited extreme biases, sexism, and disregard of anything related to women. In examining these works, and traci…


‘The Ministry of Women in the Church’ – Noel Brooks; annotations by Marilyn A. Hudson (2011) I. Scripture shows that women have a place in the ministry of the church OT. Ex 15: 20; Judges 4 and 5; 2 Kings 22:14; 2 Chron. 34:22-25; cf. Neh.6:14; Isa. 8:3. Give special attention to Joel 2:28, 29 which points forward to the Messianic age. NT. John 20:10; Matt 28:10; Acts 2:17,18l 21:9l Rom. 16:1,3,6,12,15; 1 Cor.11:5; Gals. 3:28.
II. It is clear, however, that Scripture place some restrictions on the ministry of women. 1 Cor. 11:3-16 – Implies that women engaged in ministry must not exercise authority above men; see below for  explanation. 1 Cor. 14:34-40 – on the surface this appears to command the total silence of women in Christian assemblies. But see below for discussion. 1 Tim. 2:11-12- this supports I Cor. 11:3-16, but limits the silence to teaching. This also is discussed below. III. Can these two aspects of biblical revelation be reconciled? (A) Historically and traditionally it has been …