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In July of 1933 the National Recovery Administration of the F.D. Roosevelt Administration adopted this symbol for compliance to the National Industrial Recovery Act.  Businesses and individuals were encouraged to support the blue bird through business practices and consumer decisions. Seeing the symbol housewives were encouraged to buy from that shop or men to do business with that company.  There was an inferred and understood mandatory or compulsory code aspect to the use of the seal and the subsequent shopping decisions.  This was eliminated in 1935 and the image revoked and the mandatory aspect prohibited. 
In August of 1933, people began revolting quietly and respectively against this symbol and the compulsory use of it by business and shoppers.  Individuals were canvassing south Oklahoma City and encountered people who rejected the use of the symbol.

Among those who rebelled were individual members of the First Pentecostal Holiness Church of Oklahoma City located at 423 W. Calif…

Pioneering Pentecostal Pastor: 1881-1944

The Rev. Oscar C. Wilkins was born in 1881 in Campbell County, Missouri. He died in May 1944 at Wesley Hospital (defunct but was located at 12th & Harvey) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was residing at the time of his death at 3225 NW 16th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
He married Mae or May circa 1902 and in 1910 the U.S. Census shows they had two children and resided
at 225 West California Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Listed as roomer was Harry P. Lott, 38 from Pennsylvania. Both Wilkins and Lott identified themselves as ministers with a Holiness church.

Wilkins had come to Oklahoma from Missouri, by way of Texas before statehood in 1907. He and Rev. A.H. Beall with Rev. Harry P. Lott, who took a one time notorious saloon from the fringes of Oklahoma City's 'Hell's Half Acre' and turned it into a religious mission. The 'Blue Front Saloon' had been located at 7 West Grand and seen its share of wild and scandalous shootings and other activities.

The B…