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Harry Pearson Lott, son of Pearson H. and Sarah Manningly Lott, was born 25 May 1872 in Bucks Co., Pa. and died 9 Jan. 1950 in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.  Between those two dates, like most people, he lived a life of human frailty, religious passion, and ceaseless effort as a minister in first the Fire-Baptized Holiness Association. 
Most accounts of the life of Rev. Harry P. Lott, indicate he came to Oklahoma from Longmont, California, On the 1900 census, there is a Harry P. Lott matching his birth date and place residing in Valverde, Araphoe, Colorado with a wife Emma and children Ruth, Cary J., and a servant Sara Franks. 
About 1907, Lott came to Oklahoma and connected with two other ministers, Richard Baxter Beall and O.C. Wilkins.  On the 1910 Oklahoma City census there is listed an H.P. Lott listed as single but staying with Oscar and May Wilkins at 225 West California.  Both men listed their occupation as Holiness ministers.  In 1908 or 1909 he was acting superintendent of the…

Charles F. Parham 1915 Oklahoma City

In July of 1915, the Rev. Charles F. Parham was listed as being part of the Apostolic Faith Meetings.  Street meetings were held at Farmers National Bank at 8 p.m. and "consultations and prayer" at 523 5th Street (Oklahoman, July 29, 1915, pg. 14).
The term 'apostolic' could mean many things in the 1890 to 1930 time. It could be used to refer to merely the evangelical fervor of the heritage of the Apostles time. It could be used to refer to a 'full Gospel' understanding of spiritual manifestations. It also came to be associated with "Oneness" theology which rejected the traditional doctrine and baptismal formula of a trinitarian view of the Godhead maintaining that all was in the "Name of Jesus Only".
Due to the largely independent nature of many of the early holiness and Pentecostal groups, many of which rejected formal organization, creeds, and formalized theologies, there could be found instances where there was a mixture of several do…


The roots of Pentecostalism in Oklahoma are tightly interwoven with the history of Holiness in the region. The Holiness movement sought and encouraged a spiritual reawakening and new dynamic progress.  The search for a spiritual experience both intimate and powerful enough to impact and change lives was seen as the experience of  Sanctification.  This act of God which served to draw the Christian closer to God and empower them for outreach to others was variously interpreted and defined in the groups. Debates can still rage over just how it is defined; is it progressive or instantaneous? Despite these theological nuances, the movement answered needs felt by people for 'something more' than  ritual without meaning or for the absence of anything spiritual in their lives at all.
As early as 1902, there are claims of people who experienced Pentecost in Oklahoma. According to writings by Goff, Campbell, Muse, and others, the time from 1902-1907 was an especially active time for th…


Established in 1907  (A Work in Progress - Add information via the contacts or email

First location: Blue Front Saloon building on the corner of Grand Avenue and Santa Fe (7 Grand Avenue) in downtown Oklahoma City.  Richard B. Beall (1878-1959) was listed in his obituary of Jan. 16, 1959 as the first pastor (using the address of the 423 W.  California location); others involved in opening the church were Oscar C. Wilkins and Harry P. Lott (image). Census records indicate they either identified themselves, Wilkins and Lott, as "holiness ministers" or were identified as such by the census taker. Histories by Dan Muse, Campbell and others, indicate they rented the building for about $40 a month in the late spring or early summer of 1907 and by late summer were holding "Azusa Street" style Pentecostal services.
Second location: date of move to this location unknown. In May of 1917 the "Pentecostal Holiness Mission" is at 317 W. California…


In 1955, Margaret Muse Oden, daughter of the Pentecostal Holiness Bishop, Daniel Thomas Muse, 1886-1950, wrote personal rembrances of her father in a book titled, Steps to the Sun (PHC Publishing House).

The introduction was by G.H. Montgomery, editor of the P.H.C. Advocate.  His comments open by saying, "History", someone said, "is made up of the individual stories of many people."

The contents reveal a flow of a life story touching many others and in the process preserving some rare history.

Rise and ShineOh Brother!California Street and Printer's Ink.   Clay Hills,A T-Model and the GospelShepherd of a New FlockSeeing the Country- Eating fried chickenThe Bishop -Tributes following his deathShort Scriptural comments by Bishop Muse California Street was the location of the First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Oklahoma City.  The first location was in the old Blue Front Saloon and there the pastor Harry P. Lott handed a broom to a young man just moved u…