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Dr. Joseph E. Campbell (1903)

Dr. Joseph Enoch Campbell, author, world evangelist, professor, held the first earned Doctoral Degree in The Pentecostal Holiness Church. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1903.
An active evangelist, revivalist, and pastor, he held a long time interest in missions. He founded the Laymens Missionary Foundation. He went from America to Hong Kong where he established a school, college, and church.  His assistant in some of the Asian endeavors was the Rev.V.M.Seaber,PhD.
The Wing Kwong School, College and Church was established and part of it bears his name: The Joe E. Campbell Auditorium. His dream was to spread the Gospel, in sermon and printed Word, and send ministers behind the Communist Wall.  Today Wing Wong is one of the largest P.H. Churches in the World.  He authored many books, including the first book version  in 1949 of the "History of The Pentecostal Holiness Church."
Rev. Oral Roberts was influenced, as many others were by Dr. Campbell's book "The Whole…

60 Years of Service

"Celebrating 60 Years of Ministry in India" features the work of the IPHC missionaires, The Howards.  For more than a century the message of faith, hope, and salvation has been shared in India by people of Holiness and Pentecostal spirit.  National leaders have arisen in response and carry on the work with skill, passion, and dedication to excellence.