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Camp meetings were a regular feature of many evangelical groups in the 19th and 20th century.  They began as evangelistic tools designed to bring people to a personal relationship with God.   Over the years they evolved and changed to suit the diverse groups found various corners of the world.

In looking at the North American experiences it is clear they adapted to the needs of several branches of Protestant Christianity.  In some traditions these meetings were along the lines of Bible institutes or teaching conferences with worship services highlighted by choirs and congregational singing.  They were often held in the retreats, resorts, and mountain or seaside centers of  New England.  Bible teachers from colleges, the great evangelists of the day, and the musicians of note were on hand. In other traditions, especially in the south and the west,  they were often fashioned along the line of a long series of lively revivals designed to insure salvation and inculcate a desire for more…