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DAMON O. BURROWS (July 2, 1941 - February 23, 2013)

A moment of editorial liberty. For additional information about this Pentecostal Holiness minister click here.

Damon O. Burrows, minister, evangelist, administor, husband, father, and friend, left this world today to go to a better place and join the many people he cared for, loved, witnessed to, and helped through his years of ministry and leadership.  A Navy veteran, Damon never met a stranger.  He was a friendly, outgoing, and genuinely warm individual whose heart was easily touched and his actions often motivated to act as his Lord would have wanted him to act. 
His heart was always to evangelize, to share the message of Christ, and to bring the joy he experienced to everyone.  He ministered to the homeless, the drunk on the street, the addict, the gang member, the criminal, the lost, the hurting, the young, the old, and the in-betweens.  To Damon there were but two types of people - those who knew the Lord and those who did not.  Anything else was window dressing to that basic con…