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Clergy Collars and Robes

One of the hallmarks of most American evangelical, holiness, and pentecostal groups has been a rejection of many of the rituals, accessories and methods of what they termed the "mainline churches."   These groups were seen as more formal, ritualistic, cold, and dead to spiritual renewal or vitality.  As they left, or where asked to leave, more formal churches using these robes, liturgies and structures, they decried them and their value to the new vital faith they were discovering.
As a result, for most of the 20th century a large majority of evangelicals, holiness and pentecostal groups shunned the wearing of robes, the use of printed liturgies, printed prayers and similar things.  This is ironic considering that as much as they might point to the spiritual dynamic of the rejection of Martin Luther to the cold faith of Catholicism, the use of those robes, those liturgies, and those printed prayers stemmed from the Protestant Reformation.
It was the ministerial rejection of…