A mosaic is a design created by many smaller pieces all uniting  in common purpose to convey the artistic image of the creator.  Only as one steps back to see the whole design does the meaning become clear.

"Mosaic"  is a collection of scholarly papers on a variety of topics in honor of a British born Wesleyan Pentecostal pastor, church leader, scholar, educator, and author.   Brooks was deeply committed to the merging of faith and intellect.  This collection honors that  by setting in place a few modest pieces of what is hoped will be a larger work uniting many in common purpose.  

Authors selected for inclusion in this volume include Dr. Chris Green (Pentecostal Theological Seminary); Professor Rev. Ken L. Young (Southwestern Christian University);  Dr. Marvin J. Hudson, Pastor and Intensive Interim Ministry Specialist; Mrs. Irene Belyeu, Author (B.A.); Mrs. Marilyn A. Hudson, Author (M.L.I.S.).

This project is sponsored by The Friends of Noel Brooks. All proceeds go to charity and may be ordered here.