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W.H. Turner, IPHC Missionary, Pastor, Evangelist

An overview of one of his small books:

Turner, W.H. 2,000 Years of Pentecost. Franklin Springs, Ga: W.H. Turner and the Publishing House of the P.H. Church, 1947.

In the “foreward” (sic), Turner states a hope that similar small books will become a useful literature tool for Pentecostal evangelism.

This brief book, one of many written by Turner, was about sixty-two pages. The topics covered were surprisingly broad and the coverage quite inclusive. The chapters were “Pentecost in the Promises”, “Pentecost in the Acts of the Apostles”, all cover the basic New Testament verses dealing with the birth of the Church and the arrival of the promised “Comforter” who provided motivation to the disciples in the book of Acts. “Pentecost in the Post-Apostolic Age”, covers several notable instances of deeper spiritual experiences among the Early Church Fathers and other leaders. “Pentecost in the Middle Ages”, examines the spiritual experiences of the Waldenese and the Albigenese, the Medicant Fri…