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First Women To Serve on Board of Regents for Southwestern Christian University

The student and alumni newsletter of what was then Southwestern College of Christian Ministries, The Insight, announced new board members in 1983.  The Rev. C.E. Means, Board Chair, noted, "In expanding its Board of Education to bring the board back up to its full strength, the Southwestern Board of Education is gearing up for growth."  By bringing the board up to strength he was referring to the restructuring that had moved the institution from a large junior college with a four year religion degree to a much smaller Bible college profile with a new name.   "We believe,  the college will see good progress in the next few years, and a strong Board of Education is essential to that progress."
Among the new faces being welcomed were two who were making history for the school.  Two women, Lynn Pate, and Alfreda Flowers, were for the first time part of this decision making body.  Although Means claimed they were the first such women to old office on any IPHC boards of e…

Questions and Answers by Paul F. Beacham

Pentecostal Holiness minister and church leader, Dr. Paul F. Beacham published a volume in 1950 (Pentecostal Holiness Publishing, Franklin Springs, Georgia), "Questions and Answers on the Scriptures and Related Subjects."
Based on a regular column in the pages of the denomination periodical, The Advocate, the book served to define and apply Pentecostal Holiness doctrine to questions from readers and church people.  For thousands of people across several decades this column, and the subsequent book, were a source of explanation and application of Biblical teachings and Pentecostal Holiness doctrine.

In 1954 he followed up this work with Meat in Due Season (Pentecostal Holiness Publishing).

Various libraries across the country have this work in their collections. Interested readers should have their libraries inquire about access via Interlibrary loans.


"Setting Stones": A History of the IPHC Work in India By Moses Kumar

In 2006, Moses Kumar, Conference Superintendent for South India and Assistant Field Superintendent for India, published a landmark book, Setting Stones: An Interpretive History of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in India (LifeSprings Publications:Franklin Springs, Georgia).
It is a concise 199 page work with illustrations chronicling the major movements of the work of the IPHC in India since 1911 through to the time of the book's writing.
Each seection is presented and analyzed through a Historico-Theological perspective adding much to the work.
The book  opens with "Humble Origins" and recounts those early 1911 onward works by such people as J.H.King, Miss Almyra Aston, Miss Della Gaines, Rev. Robert  and Mrs. Mollie Massey,  Rev. and Mrs. D.S. Mahaffey, and James Harvey. 
Then it moves on to Section I and the "The Era of Pioneering Missionaries: The Story of the First 35 Years in India (1921-1955).  Then, a portrait of Pioneer Missionaires is prov…

Hymns of Faith and Hope

In 1869 Horatius Bonar published Hymns of Faith and Hope, First Series with the London firm of James Nisbert & Co. on Berners Street.

Bonar, who was called the "prince of Scottish hymn writers" , graduated from the Universiy of Scotland. As his preface states, he was in 1856 in the community of Kelso. He belonged o the free church of Schotland. He specified the songs in the collection, "belonged to no denomination or sect."

A copy this book was in the library of the British Bible College, British Pentecostal Holiness Church. It is now located in the archives at Southwestern Christian University, Noel Brooks Collection.