"Setting Stones": A History of the IPHC Work in India By Moses Kumar

In 2006, Moses Kumar, Conference Superintendent for South India and Assistant Field Superintendent for India, published a landmark book, Setting Stones: An Interpretive History of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in India (LifeSprings Publications:Franklin Springs, Georgia).

It is a concise 199 page work with illustrations chronicling the major movements of the work of the IPHC in India since 1911 through to the time of the book's writing.

Each seection is presented and analyzed through a Historico-Theological perspective adding much to the work.

The book  opens with "Humble Origins" and recounts those early 1911 onward works by such people as J.H.King, Miss Almyra Aston, Miss Della Gaines, Rev. Robert  and Mrs. Mollie Massey,  Rev. and Mrs. D.S. Mahaffey, and James Harvey. 

Then it moves on to Section I and the "The Era of Pioneering Missionaries: The Story of the First 35 Years in India (1921-1955).  Then, a portrait of Pioneer Missionaires is provided.

Then comes Section II, "Era of  Consoliation and Expansion: The Story of the Last 5 years  (1956-2006).  Here again is a detailed portrait of the Later missionairies.

Finally, Section III, "Into the New Millennium: The Story Yet To Be Written (2006 and Beyond).  Here significant indigenous leaders are enumerated and plans for the future are outlined.


Dr Moses Kumar said…
Appreciate the Review of 'Setting Stones'. Your labors are memorable!!!

Dr. Moses Kumar.

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