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FOOTNOTES OF PENTECOSTAL HISTORY: SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIANUNIVERSITY LIBRARY SERIES, NO. 1 “REPORT ACCEPTED AND CHARACTER PASSED”: Some Ordained and Licensed Women from the years 1929 - 1939  in the Kansas and Oklahoma Conferences of the PentecostalHolinessChurch. Compiled By  Marilyn A. Hudson, with Alicia Hutson Southwestern ChristianUniversity, April 2006


The year was 1965 in Wellington, Kansas, in the home of the pastor of the local PentecostalHolinessChurch.The guest evangelist, Mary E. Ford, was a woman just easing out of middle age wearing a cream colored chiffon blouse, a sturdy brown woolen skirt, with fading hair escaping from its once tidy bun.Her wide pleasant face was a roller coaster of expressions from intense concentration to hearty laughter.
Sitting at the parsonage piano, a sturdy black upright, she is surrounded by the daughters of the pastor and a friend of theirs who often came to visit.The visitor entertains them playing snappy standards from the forties and …

RESEARCH PROJECT: Building a Collection of Alum Authored Books

The SCU Library Commons, and its PRC, are launching out to collect books authored by past students of the University (1946-present). This will be a significant part of the collection and reflect the contributions and history of the students, the denominations, and the school in the broader histoy of Pentecostalism in America and around the world. If you have written and published a book, please consider donating a copy to the library. It will be formally cataloged and added to the PRC collection so that researchers may share your work and talent in the future. Please include a letter that tells when you attended, what you have done over the years, and anything else you will want people to know. These letters will go in a special file in the SCU ARCHIVES as well. What type of book?: Whatever type of book an alum has written or subject covered will be accepted for this very special collection.