RESEARCH PROJECT: Building a Collection of Alum Authored Books

The SCU Library Commons, and its PRC, are launching out to collect books authored by past students of the University (1946-present). This will be a significant part of the collection and reflect the contributions and history of the students, the denominations, and the school in the broader histoy of Pentecostalism in America and around the world. If you have written and published a book, please consider donating a copy to the library. It will be formally cataloged and added to the PRC collection so that researchers may share your work and talent in the future.
Please include a letter that tells when you attended, what you have done over the years, and anything else you will want people to know. These letters will go in a special file in the SCU ARCHIVES as well.
What type of book?: Whatever type of book an alum has written or subject covered will be accepted for this very special collection.


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