Excellent Resource Explores Francis Schaeffer


An excellent title for theology, church history, and modern worldviews courses is the small book (108 pg.) edited by Bruce A Little, Francis Schaeffer: A Mind and Heart for God (2010). 
Collected together by Bruce A Little, professor of philosophy at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (at time of printing), the work includes essays  on "Francis A. Schaeffer: The Man" by Udo Middelmann; "Francis Schaeffer: His Apologetics" by Jerram Barrs; "Grancis Schaeffer in the Twenty-First Century" by Ranald Maccauley; "Francis Scheffer: His Legacy and His Influence on Evangelicalism" by Jerram Barrs; "Sentimentality: Significance for Apologetics" by Dick Keyes.
It is highly readable making it a natural for introductory classes and its depth and scope make it a good addition to a reading list for advanced classes.
Schaeffer was known for his belief in humanity's creation in the image of God, although fallen, were still beings of sacred worth.  This guiding principle of dignity infused all of his actions, his thinking and his writings.  He was also a forerunner of an intellectual reformation that began in the 1970's and challenged the church to focus on cognitive development along with an authentic Gospel in order to meet the challenges of a post-modern society.