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Excellent Resource Explores Francis Schaeffer

An excellent title for theology, church history, and modern worldviews courses is the small book (108 pg.) edited by Bruce A Little, Francis Schaeffer: A Mind and Heart for God(2010).  Collected together by Bruce A Little, professor of philosophy at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (at time of printing), the work includes essays  on "Francis A. Schaeffer: The Man" by Udo Middelmann; "Francis Schaeffer: His Apologetics" by Jerram Barrs; "Grancis Schaeffer in the Twenty-First Century" by Ranald Maccauley; "Francis Scheffer: His Legacy and His Influence on Evangelicalism" by Jerram Barrs; "Sentimentality: Significance for Apologetics" by Dick Keyes. It is highly readable making it a natural for introductory classes and its depth and scope make it a good addition to a reading list for advanced classes. Schaeffer was known for his belief in humanity's creation in the image of God, although fallen, were still beings of sacred …