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Christian Sexism

The 21st century moves onward and there can be forgotten the reason why some things in our society changed.  For those who did not live in the 1930's-1970's they can have little understanding of the many social nuances that defined, limited and marginalized women in society and the church.  A recent archival news piece brought this home.  In researching the life of religious educator and minister, Grace Elizabeth Garten, a news article written by Marguerite Macklin (possibly with the Oklahoma Record Journal or the Oklahoma City Times) reflects the tenor of the times.  Garten, who had a degree from Oklahoma City University had done post graduate work at Union Theological Seminary and at Garrett Biblical College at Northwestern had contemplated missionary work to India but was held back by health issues but "her associates urged to go into the ministry, in fact she, at one time, was a licensed girl pastor representing Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa." She had worked in …