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Spiritual Leaders Promoting a Spiritual Program

A Christian…can learn mathematics, for example, from a teacher who is not a Christian; and truth is truth however learned. But while truth is truth however learned, the bearing of truth, the meaning of truth, the purpose of truth, even in the sphere of mathematics, seem entirely different to the Christian from that which they seem to the non-Christian; and that is why a truly Christian education is possible only when Christian conviction underlies not a part but all, of the curriculum of the school.

~ J. Gresham Machen, in Education, Christianity, and the State . (Jefferson, MD: Trinity Foundation, 1987. page 81).

From earliest days, the IPHC considered education and a well-trained ministry of great import. Its early leaders were all men who were trained and capable. They had a goal of balancing quality education with the vital spiritual energy of Pentecost.

The great IPHC leader G. H. Montgomery noted in 1938 that, “Education is bound to co…