ca 2000 NW9 & Blackwelder
Established in 1907  (A Work in Progress - Add information via the contacts or email

First location: Blue Front Saloon building on the corner of Grand Avenue and Santa Fe (7 Grand Avenue) in downtown Oklahoma City.  Richard B. Beall (1878-1959) was listed in his obituary of Jan. 16, 1959 as the first pastor (using the address of the 423 W.  California location); others involved in opening the church were Oscar C. Wilkins and Harry P. Lott (image). Census records indicate they either identified themselves, Wilkins and Lott, as "holiness ministers" or were identified as such by the census taker. Histories by Dan Muse, Campbell and others, indicate they rented the building for about $40 a month in the late spring or early summer of 1907 and by late summer were holding "Azusa Street" style Pentecostal services.

Second location: date of move to this location unknown. In May of 1917 the "Pentecostal Holiness Mission" is at 317 W. California ("Churches", Oklahoman, May 31,1914, pg. 6). Services were listed as Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.. Preaching 3:30 and meetings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights.

Third location:  Date of the move to this location is unknown. 423 W. California, featuring a neon "Jesus Saves" sign over the front entrance. Nearby were a tin shop and the old Central Fire Station according to Steps to the Sun by Margaret Muse Oden. In 1926 J.H. King held a Bible Conference there.

Fourth location: 1701 NW 9th (Corner of NW 9th and Blackwelder)
A June 6, 1948 issue of the Oklahoman indicates a  p.m. Sunday ground-breaking service (pg.17). Rev. S.N. Greene was pastor and missionary J.W. Brooks of South Africa and Southwestern College President Dr. R.O. Corvin would give short stalks. The date the church actually began to hold services is unknown.


Beall, Richard Baxter (1878, Ks - 1959,Ok), 1907 - ?.   He had originally come to OKC in 1903 and began a Sunday School work, met Wilkins and Lott and formed the Mission on  Grand Avenue in the old saloon.  He later went on to found the Full Gospel Temple, 410 SW 25 and by 1950 when he retired the church may have been located at 313 SW 6 ("Rev. R.B Beall Is Dead at 80", Oklahoman, Jan. 16, 1959, pg.3)

Lott, Harry P. (1907- ca.1917)- In 1917 he left to found the Capital Hill Full Gospel Church in the suburb of Capital Hill, southwest of Oklahoma but was quickly consumed by the metropolitan area. He is listed in newspapers of 1919 as pastor of Apostolic Faith Church,South Oklahoma Avenue and East B Avenue,East Capital Hill, which may be an earlier name of the CHFGC. 

Oden, Marvin (  )- ca. 1920's

Aaron, Thomas Lee, Ph.D. (1897-1951) - A news account locates him in 1926 as pastor of the First Church, 423 W. California.  He went on to become President of Kings' College, Kingfisher and then Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia.

Muse, Dan T., Bishop ( 1882-1950) -  ca. 1920's-1930's ; identified in a 1929 news article as pastor.

Greene, S.N. (  )- ca. 1948; noted for his publication and editing of various songbooks and other musical activities.

Goad, Richard, Sr. - ca,  ? to  ca. 1980

Davenport, James D.  ca. ? - 1980

Hudson, Marvin J., D.Min. - ca. 1980-1983 - A college student he went on to be a professor of Greek and Biblical studies.

1701 NW 9th, ca. 1983

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