A persistent myth has been that pentecostals are anti-education. The image above serves to illustrate that this was far from the case for many segments of the pentecostal movement. The value and import of a good education was firmly rooted in some groups and regions. The difference was that pentecostals also desired a strong and vital spiritual environment to support and nuture students in the process.

In 1928-29 the above image appeared in the "King's College, Illustrated Catalog". King's College had been started in Checotah, Ok in 1925 and continued there until the school moved into the vacated, Kingfisher College, located just outside Kingfisher and they operated there from 1927 to 1935. Dan W. Evans was instrumental in the development of a Pentecostal Holiness school in the region. In 1925 the school opened in Checotah, named for pioneer preacher and leader, Bishop J. H. King. King had been a leader first in the Fire Baptized Holiness Association and in Oklahoma as early as 1906.

In 1926, the school moved to Kingfisher with only about 100 students but by 1928 they had over 300 and had to turn away as many as 100 due to lack of space. Aaron was aided in his role as President by Dan T.Muse, Dan W. Evans, Lycurgis Lynch, Dr. George Ryder and others. In 1930, Clarence Williams took over the helm as leader and served in that role until the school closed in the middle of the Great Depression.

The curriculm served K-12 and offered course tracks in Business and Theology (including foreign missions). Music instruction was a highlight with a band, orchestra, classes in brass, strings, piano, guitar, vocal and other skills.

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