Dr. R.O. Corvin was born in Ada, Oklahoma and was the first president of Southwestern Christian University (then called simply Southwestern Pentecostal Holiness College). He served from 1946 to the 1960's when he left to head up the School of Religion at the new Oral Roberts University. During this time period ORU's School of Religion functioned as the recognized theological seminary for the Pentecostal Holiness Church (now the IPHC).

After leaving ORU, he established several modular and correspondance training programs and wrote over 90 lessons which continued to impact leaders and church members the world over.

His books, thesis, and dissertation, including most of his training manuals from his correspondence programs, are in the SCU Pentecostal Research Collection.

His Educational Background:

B.A. Newberry College
M.A. University of South Carolina
Th.B. Holmes Bible College
B.D. Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary
D.R.E. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma

Books In The PRC Collection at Southwestern Christian University:

A Survey of Southwestern Christian University* (1956) 
Looking at the Future Through the Eyes of Daniel* (1973)
Religious and Educational Backgrounds in the Founding of Oral Roberts University* (1967)
Faith and Action of Old Testament men: New Testament Men, Great Women of the Bible, Theology and Morals,... *(1981)

Corvin, R.O. David and his Mighty Men. Eerdmans, 1950

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