Spring Time of the Soul: April's Revival History

Across the expanse of IPHC history the month of April stands out as a beacon of spiritual work.

April 14, 1906 the meetings began in Los Angeles in the Azusa Street Apostolic Mission. A year later on the front page of "The Apostolic Faith" newsletter, testimonials of experiences from around the globe burst out like colorful spring buds after a long spiritual winter.

One writer was the noted IPHC minister, F.M. Britton writing from Alvin, SC: "My wife and I have been in six wonderful meetings of late in which quite a number of saints have received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and all spoke with other tongues. Backsliders are being reclaimed and some honest souls being converted, quite a lot of sick ones being healed, and also many demon possessed persons are being delivered in Jesus' name from the power of Satan. Glory be to God!" {Source: Like as of Fire: a reprint of the old Azusa Street Papers, collected by Fred T. Corum, published 1981.) In those early years, revivals in Alabama, Tennessee, and elsewhere all blossomed in April.

by Marilyn Hudson, Author & Historian
Director of Library Services, Southwestern Christian University


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