Emma Crouch graduated from Southwestern Pentecostal Holiness College in Oklahoma City and went to Canada in 1964 where she was on the faculty of the Foothills Bible Institute in Winfield, Alberta. She was an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada. She was on staff at Foothills for eleven years and for the last three (1973-1975) served as the Institute’s president. When Foothills and Christianview Bible College combined in 1975, she went to the newly relocated Christianview Bible College as a faculty member as well.

Her focus was Christian Education teaching Theology, Sunday School Organization, VBS, Youth Leadership. She also served as the General Christian Education President for the PHCC, and a field consultant for Scripture Press of Canada. She was a member of the General Board of Administration for the PHCC.

Writing in 1978 in the Christianview Bible College annual she expressed her desire for all the current and potential students: "May I challenge you to take advantage of your schooling as Mary sat Jesus' feet. As you sit here, God desires to pour out his abundance on you. He desires to open your mind to receive the treasures of the truth."

Volumes from her personal library have recently added to the collection of Southwestern Christian University, especially in the areas of pyschology, philosophy, and Pentecostalism.

Emma Crouch may be one of the earliest women in leadership in an educational institution related to North American Pentecostalism.


Yearbooks for Foothills Bible Institute and Christianview Bible College. IPHC Archives and Records Center.

SCU Archives


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