In the July 11, 1918 issue of the Pentecostal Holiness Advocate, there is an article by early Pentecostal pioneer, Richard Baxter Hayes. Son of Rev. Hamilton N. Hayes, he had been a minister in the Fire Baptized Holiness Church and then an evangelist for many years in the Pentecostal Holiness.  He died in in July 1937 and Bishop J.H. King and Paul F. Beacham led the service. 

"We see by all the scriptures that there have been women preachers all along the way, and we notice in every holiness movement, as long as the power and fire fell and they kept red hot for God, women preachers were in the crowd...just as soon as they backslide and compromise and tone down, they want to elbow off the women preachers." (pg. 6)

"...in every great holiness movement when the saints are red hot for God and the burden of the lost upon them, they lose sight of churchanity, sectarianism, the world, and the only burden of their hearts is to get souls saved and sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost." (pg.6).

Such stalwart support for the disenfranchised was not new to Hayes.  Randall J.Stephens  recounts some of the abuses he was subject to for his racial inclusiveness in southern evangelism tours during "Jim Crow".


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