Harry Pearson Lott, son of Pearson H. and Sarah Manningly Lott, was born 25 May 1872 in Bucks Co., Pa. and died 9 Jan. 1950 in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.  Between those two dates, like most people, he lived a life of human frailty, religious passion, and ceaseless effort as a minister in first the Fire-Baptized Holiness Association. 

Most accounts of the life of Rev. Harry P. Lott, indicate he came to Oklahoma from Longmont, California, On the 1900 census, there is a Harry P. Lott matching his birth date and place residing in Valverde, Araphoe, Colorado with a wife Emma and children Ruth, Cary J., and a servant Sara Franks. 

About 1907, Lott came to Oklahoma and connected with two other ministers, Richard Baxter Beall and O.C. Wilkins.  On the 1910 Oklahoma City census there is listed an H.P. Lott listed as single but staying with Oscar and May Wilkins at 225 West California.  Both men listed their occupation as Holiness ministers. 
In 1908 or 1909 he was acting superintendent of the Rescue Home for Fallen Women on Maple Street in Oklahoma  City. Matrons Mrs A.L. Warsham and Fannie Waterfield managed the daily operations of the work which sought save young women who had gone astray.  From descriptions of Bishop Muse the clientele were “rescued from sin…and the slime pits of hell”  Local newspapers of the day carried full page ads defending the need for rescue work  due to a loose society, profane activities, alcohol and lusts of the flesh.  Historically, this was also a time of what was called “white slavery” as it was believed many young women were lured or kidnapped into lives of prostitution.

In 1909 he was appointed Ruling Elder of the Oklahoma conference of the Fire-Baptized Holiness church.
Also in 1909, the domestic profile of Lott suffered in a very public manner.  In September, his wife Emma Lott filed a restraining order claiming abuse and neglect by her husband, Harry P. Lott (“Minister’s Wife Restrains Him”, Oklahoman, September 29, 1909, pg.4 and “Minister Sent to a Cell”, Oklahoman, Oct. 3, 1909, pg.31).   He replies later through his lawyers defending himself and his actions. This must have been sufficient because in 1910 he reappointed to Ruling Elder.  

Around 1910-1913 Lott remarried, Lizzie Shomp.   Lizzie or Elizabeth and her mother were charter members of the First Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City began by Beall, Wilkins and Lott. In 1911 the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church and the Pentecostal Holiness Church merged to form one denomination named the  Pentecostal Holiness Church. Lott has left the now named “Pentecostal Holiness Mission” and is working with an Apostolic church before the start of World War II.

In 1917, Lott founded the Apostolic Faith Church. Since the Capital Hill Full Gospel Church in south Oklahoma City claims him as their founder and has him listed there at this early date, it is assumed they are the same congregation with merely a name change.  He remained there until 1948 when he retired.
He died in January of 1950 and was buried in the Sunnylane Cemetery in Del City, Oklahoma, within the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Several family members are buried nearby.


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