Another Stirring Poem Used in A Sermon

"We display with pride his cross
In the midst of our pagan life,
While we hug to our hearts the dross
Of our selishness and strife.
What sacrifice have we made
To live the love he prayed?
What wlling blood have we shed
To do the deeds he said?
To be popular and well-fed,
We forsake the way he led,
And follow a ghost instead."

---Vincent Godfrey Burns.  Source Quotable Poems: An Anthology of Modern Verse, volume two. Compiled by Thomas Curtis Clark .  Rev. Fred Mesch used this in a memorial service in 1939 and is found in H.E. Brill's Story of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Oklahoma : Authorized by the Oklahoma Annual Conference, October 22, 1938. (Oklahoma City: The University Press, 1939. pg. 116).


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