Abbey Street Methodist Church (Dublin, Ireland)

Dr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Hudson, at the Dublin Central Mission
and the Abbystreet church in 1997.
The Abbey Street Methodist Church, 9c Lower Abbey Street ,  Dublin (Republic of Ireland) is in the heart of downtown Dublin. It is just a short detour off one of the main streets (O'Connell).  It is a place rich in history since it lays claim to some 200 hundred years of worship at that location.
Methodism's founder, John Wesley, preached in a location on Abbey Street in 1747 (see "The Methodist Chapels in Dublin" by D. A. Levistone Cooney, Dublin Historical Record, Vol. 57, No. 2 (Autumn, 2004), pp. 152-163).  The church location on that street is mention also in the  Minutes of The Methodist Conferences 1744 Volume XIX (online here).
You can read about John Wesley visiting in Dublin in the 18th century here.  Additionally, several of his journals chronicle his often fascinating adventures as he journeyed across predominately Catholic Ireland preaching and visiting.


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