Dr. Stanley Horton Donates Work to Collection

Dr. Stanley M. Horton, recognized as a pivotal shaper of pentecostal theology in the 20th century, has graciously donated a copy of the biography written by Lois E. Olena with Raymond L. Gannon with a Foreword by George O. Wood.
Stanley M. Horton is well known and respected as a gifted leader—a history-maker whose impact will be felt on future generations forever.

Discover how God used his writings and teachings to affirm the doctrinal destiny of Pentecostalism and the Assemblies of God in the twentieth century and up to the present. You’ll enjoy the adventures and miracles of his childhood set against the backdrop of early Pentecostalism. You’ll also learn how he went on to unite passionate faith and disciplined scholarship in a beautiful balance.

Leaders young and old will be inspired by the humble grace of this faithful servant of Christ. Paper.


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