Little has been found so far on this individual other than he was possible from Alberta, Canada, was associated with the Assemblies of God and may have pastored in Great Falls, Montana in 1916 (A/G Heritage, Spring 1984, pg. 5). 

The undated 16 page pamphlet was printed by The Tribune Printing Company, Great Falls, Montana.  The title of the work is Is The Baptism with the Holy Spirit Scriptural?  Sub-headings through the work include: Old Testament Prophecy, New Testament Fulfillment; Pentecost; Appointed Time; Preparation; For All Believers; Prophecy; Prophecy Fulfilled; What Profit are Tongues? ; The Qualification.

The U.S. Federal Census for Great Falls lists in 1920 and 1930 a Joseph (born about 1869 in Ohio) and wife Rosina Lantz with children Jessee, Reuben and Ida.


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