Lights and Shadows of the Life in Canaan by Mrs. Mary Mabbette Anderson.

The forward to this work was written by the Rev. Edward D. Reeves, pastor of the The First Pentecostal Holiness Church, No. 8, Robert Street, Toronto, Canada.  It read: "Seeing the great need for light on the doctrine of sanctification of heart, this pamphlet is being sent forth trusting that it may be made a blessing to all who are seeking a closer walk with God.  We realize however, there is no reference made to the recent outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain, and that the writing is lacking the added illumination on the baptism of the Holy Ghost as revealed in this great visitation, on account of antedating this event, yet we believe it to contain much valuable truth on the vital subject of holiness which shall bring rich blessings to all of God's children, especially those just entering their spiritual Canaan.   May He who said:"Cast they bread upon the waters" bless its going forth until distant lands shall have heard its simple story." 

The work was originally published in 1904 or 1906 (sources differ) and was reprinted at least twice by two different groups.  No definitive biographical information on Mary Mabbette Anderson was found for this entry.   Contextually it is clear she was a church worker, a wife, mother, a Presbyterian with Methodist and Holiness friends.

Written as a series of letters each chapter bears a title: Earlier Christian Experiences; Deepening life; Crossing over; Heavenly Joy;  The Convict Home; Trying experiences; Fruit, with Tribulation; Pressing on; Consuming Fire; Christ likeness; "Deeper Yet"; Needed Light; The Careful Husbandman;  "I Keep My Body Under"; God's Glory the Test"; Naked faith; A Second Glance at Self; "I Am Nothing"; Foot-hills and peaks; a Land of "Milk and Honey"; Closing words.  It is softbound, 94 pages, triple-staple bound.


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