'The Magazine That Wants A Million Bible Reader'

In May 1910 this issue of "Daily Bread" was published ( X:5) by the evangelical World's Morning Watch, a group with association with the Y.M.C.A.  It was published monthly ten times . It has 26 pgs (number sequentially through the volume).  Ads include one for the " Underwood Standard Typewriter."    Another full page ad offered "The Sunday School Teacher's Library That Costs A Dollar".   The resources, usually about 40 pages,  included "Sunday School Advance" addressing method and equipment and prepared by Franklin D. Elmer; James H. Hodges', "Securing and Holding Attention";  "Manual Methods of Sunday School Methods", by Richard Morse Hodge; "Picture -Work" by Walter L. Hervey because "literature  is full of pictures and the Bible is a treasure house of masterpieces.  This little book deals with these story pictures and the art of presenting them to the juvenile mind" ; W. Walter Smith's "Complete Handbook of Religious Pictures."


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