The Queen’s Message to the World’s Evangelical Alliance Exhibition, Westminster, 1951

I am most happy to send my good wishes for the success of the Exhibition which the World’s Evangelical Alliance has arranged for this Festival Year, together with my congratulations on maintaining the vision and enterprise which have been a characteristic of the Alliance for more than 100 yeaRs, and which find a worthy expression today.

That cherished inheritance which wE call the British way of life has its source and inspiration in the great ideals of Christianity.  It is fitting, indeed, that we should take this opportunity of showing how the life of our Nation has long been influenced by our faith, and moudled by the Bible.

I can truly say that the King and I long to see the Bible back, where it ought to be, as a guide and comfort in the homes and lives of our people. From our own experience, we know what the Bible can mean for personal life.

I hope this Exhibition will help our Nation to be Christian in fact as well as in name, and so to play its full part in leading the world towards righteousness and peace.



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