The Noel Brooks Memorial Conference Book Series
A scholarly multi-disciplinary conference in honor of the pastor, educator, writer, and theologian, Noel Brooks (1914-2006).

A series of books containing scholarly articles related to the general themes of each conference. Each book will bear the series title: “The Noel Brooks Memorial Conference Series” and a number. The main title will reflect the theme or some element of it.

2012: “Merging Faith and Learning”    DEADLINE June 15, 2012
2013: “Transformations”                      DEADLINE June 15, 2013
2014: “Centennial” and the theme of legacy  DEADLINE June 15,2014

To promote the Conference, to encourage discussion on the themes, and to foster scholarship.

Monies generated from any sales will go into a special "Noel Brooks Conference‟ fund to help defray costs for future events. Funds over the cost of the conference in any calendar year will go into a fund to support and maintain the special collections and archive of the SCU Library.

All attendees will have first refusal for inclusion in the anthology. Open submissions meeting the specifications will also be considered.

Submit -

  1. Signed release form (online; maybe signed, scanned and emailed or sent via standard mail); 
  2. Article from 10-20 pages in length, with endnotes; electronic submissions ONLY; APA, MLA or Turabian formatting permitted; 
  3. 12 point font, New Times Roman or Tahoma; 
  4. Include an abstract (1 paragraph);
  5. Inclusion of a short biographical paragraph (see sample).

Short Biographical Paragraph (no more than 10 sentences):
Jane Doe, Ph.D. Theology, Elizabeth College. Currently she serves on the faculty of Jones University. [Add something here such as also an ordained minister with the XYZ Church or some other academic work or group to which you belong]. Current research interests include [ ]. Previous publications include [ ]. Jane Doe may be contacted at [email].

Abstract (1 paragraph of about 10 sentences)
An abstract usually acts as a summary of work already completed and is used by prospective readers to decide whether or not to read the entire text. It should present the thesis and address some information questions: What was your question -Why did you do this study or project? What did you do and how? What did you find? What do your findings mean?

A Non-exclusive release form will be required of all authors for publication. This form grants permission for publication of the paper in the conference book series and/or online. After that, all rights revert to author for subsequent publication or submission elsewhere.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the event planner, Marilyn A. Hudson, MLIS or email


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