On the Air

Hubert T. Spence of the Pentecostal Holiness Church preached over radio station, WINX in Washington, D.C. in the mid 1940's. It was a time when new technological innovations were being tested as tools of ministry, education, and evangelism.  The church he pastored was located at 1015 D Street Northeast.  His successor was Dallas M. Tarkenton.

In 1945 the church published "Twelve Radio Sermons as preached over Station WINX, Washington, D.C." by Pastor Hubert T. Spence. It was as small paperback work.   Contents included: Spiritual and Moral Preparedness; Religion for Youth ; Radio Bible Course ; God Our Only Hope ; My Personal Testimony ; America's Worst Enemy ; Repentance ; A Sermon for Our Boys Overseas on "Mother's Day"; The Parable of the Great Supper ; Pentecost ; A Prayer for Victory and Peace ; The Better Approach Toward World Order ;The Kingdom of God ; Fourth Anniversary Bulletin (reprint).

The radio program ministry had its "inception in the minds of the young folks of our church, prompted of course, by the Holy Spirit."  The first service was broadcast Sunday morning February 16, 1941 at 8:30 at the station WINX. The first two years it went under the name " Christian Youth on the March." On the second anniversary the broadcast moved to the church and the name changed to "The Pentecostal Revival Hour."   On the first Sunday of 1944 they began broadcasting the entire Sunday morning service (11:05 to 12:00).  


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