Classic Work "Christian Symbolism in the Evangelical Church"

Thomas Albert Stafford
ca 1942
This book by Thomas Albert Stafford, with an introduction by Ernest Fremont Tittle is a classic work on Christian symbolism as it applied to non-Catholic churches and specifically to those in the "evangelical tradition".  It a 176 page book printed by Abingdon in 1942.

Thomas Albert Stafford was born in Ireland of English-Scottish-Irish ancestry. "Educated for teaching, he later became a minister and a student in many fields. His particular interests as a student have been New Testament Greek, theology, and Christian symbolism.  The present volume is in part the outgrowth of his interest in the Christian antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland - particularly the iconic crosses of Ireland.

Dr. Stafford holds the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from Garrett Biblical Institute, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of England, and holds membership in various American societies of economics, statistical science and sociology. He has had more than ten years of successful experience in the pastorate, and has been connected with the Board of Pensions of the Methodist Church for over thirty-five years.  Formerly Executive Secretary of the Board, he now serves in its research department." (Cover notes from 1942 edition of Christian Symbolism).

Chapter titles:
1. Symbols, Symbolism and Symbolics
2. Restoration of Forms and Symbols
3. Symbols of the Godhead
     The Father
     The Son
     The Holy Spirit
     The Holy Trinity
4. Sacred Monograms
5. Symbols of Christ's Suffering
     His Passion and Death
     The Cross
6. Symbols on the Great Chalice of Antioch
7. Symbolic Stars
8. Symbols of Doctrines and Ideas
9. Symbols of New Testament Characters
10. Symbolism of Color
11. Teaching Christian Symbolism
Definitions of Church Terms  and Usages

Illustrated with some church interiors in photograph and drawing.
(246 Sta)


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