The First German Methodist Church of Oklahoma City

 Rev. J.A. Ross was the first missionary from the West German Conference to Oklahoma Territory.  He organized "SALEM CHURCH" on Nov. 15, 1891 and its first building was at California and Harvey Streets in downtown Oklahoma City.
The pastor from 1899-1908 was J. Buthman and he oversaw the building of the second structure of this congregation at Lee and 8th Street in 1907. 

The church became known as the GERMAN METHODIST CHURCH or the German Methodist Episcopal Church until 1925 when it became known as the Eighth Street Methodist Church.

In 1914, a funeral notice for Anton Classen, father of Anton H. Classen, president of the Oklahoma Railroad Company, was announced. It would be held at the German Methodist Church at 8th and Lee with pastor Rev. Klein officiating. (Oklahoman, July 16, 1914, pg. 7).

In 1926-27, the pastor was S.P. Gaskin, who returned to speak in 1932.
Early Oklahoma City records indicate (as do state wide records) a notable community of Germans residing in the region. "By 1890 there were 739 German-born residents of Oklahoma Territory. A decade later the German-born exceeded five thousand, and that number more than doubled to ten thousand by 1910." Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History.  In 1932, at a celebration, services were to be held in German,  there was to be a sermon by the founder (A.J. Ross) and a basket dinner prepared by the women's societies of the congregation.

("Oldest German-American Church to Celebrate". Oklahoman (August 19, 1932. p10).


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